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Chukka Caribbean Adventures Joins Forces with Capturelife to Modernize Vacation Memories

Feb 27, 2020

Chukka’s sunny island tagline – It’s Time to Play! – says it all. With Capturelife, they open a powerful way to tap into the mobile guest experience after images have been delivered.

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Capturelife implements new privacy standards to support global expansion and protect consumer data rights.

Feb 07, 2020

Robust protections deliver an additional layer of comfort to the Capturelife privacy measures already in place.

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Introducing Capturelife Marketplace

Jan 22, 2020

Designed to help photography businesses build their business and brand with great new digital products to engage consumers and increase sales.

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New to the Capturelife Marketplace: Stunning image transformations sure to entice consumers and grow your revenue.

Jan 15, 2020

Capturelife’s strategic partnership with UPGRD Photos automatically produces creative new images from an original capture, delivering more marketing opportunities for photography businesses of all kinds.

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Capturelife and Snapsportz announce new partnership for action and adventure experiences

Dec 19, 2019

Snapsportz Action Camera system integration with the Capturelife digital delivery and marketing platform to be piloted in the new year.

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Capturelife demonstrates revolutionary workflow with Canon CCAPI-enabled cameras at IAPPA 2019

Dec 17, 2019

Expo attendance and demonstrations introduce more attraction photography operations to a modern mobile experience that harnesses the power of memories to build loyalty and growth.

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Capturelife Pulse Conference

Dec 12, 2019

Learn from industry experts how to build a modern mobile experience that will contribute to the long-term health of your business.

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Capturelife Photographer Spotlight – Doug Clements, Pro Motion Photography

Oct 08, 2019

Pro Motion Photos wins with GFcrew model and Capturelife Events app

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Accelerating into a new digital age

Oct 04, 2019

Capturelife sees 500% growth this fall season as professional print labs and their photography customers experience increased engagement and revenue through Capturelife.

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Announcing Capturelife Marketplace

Sep 26, 2019

Opening new avenues for memory and experience businesses to expand engagement, drive more business and boost revenue with unique digital products.

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Capturelife announces strategic partnership with 36Pix and exciting new products

Sep 12, 2019

Pairing mobile image delivery with sophisticated chroma key technology allows us to bring premium and cause-related backgrounds to the industry.  This will give photography businesses more ways to boost consumer interest and sales.

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Legends Event Photos streamlines on-field action photography operations and boosts profit with the new Capturelife Events app and GFcrew.

Jun 25, 2019

Legends Event Photo is a thriving team and individual and action sports photography business in Tennessee. For over two years, Kevin Cook and his team have been actively leveraging Capturelife digital image delivery as a core component of Legends’ product and service mix with great success.

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CaptureLife teams up with Glossy Finish to revolutionize the action sports photography market

Mar 11, 2019

The youth sports market in the U.S. is massive with an estimated value of $15.5 billion annually, according to a recent report by Wintergreen Research. To put the size of the market into perspective, it’s bigger than the NFL, which sits at $14 billion.

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Dynamic Backgrounds for Green Screen Workflow

Jan 03, 2019

If you’re currently using green screen workflow to offer different background options for school, sports or studio portrait photography, we have an exciting new way for you to multiply your sales opportunities.

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CaptureLife Introduces an Exclusive Program to Help Volume Photographers Capture Lost Revenue

Oct 25, 2018

The new Non-Buyer program helps photography businesses drive up revenue and volume photography participation rates with a unique mobile workflow.

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CLIX MN and CaptureLife Create an Exciting Experience at USA Cup

Aug 13, 2018

Up and running with CaptureLife in 14 days, CLIX MN makes a great experience an indelible memory for competitive youth soccer teams from around the world.

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Glossy Finish Leverages New CaptureLife Video Stories to Transform and Grow Business

Jun 19, 2018

Glossy Finish began their partnership with CaptureLife last year with the express intent to grow its sports action photography business with digital images and mobile delivery. Specializing in on-site delivery of high-quality posters and prints with their Mobile Photo Labs and Photo stores at premier youth sports events, they took note of parents increased social sharing and their requests for the high-resolution digital images of their athletes.

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The State of Your Consumer - New Data and Insights from CaptureLife

Jun 05, 2018

We hear about that massive shift in consumer behavior continuously. When you hear the statistic that younger parents, our millennial customers, spend on average 5 hours a day on their smartphones and check their phone 65 times a day, it sounds shocking until you go through some self-reflection. As a business serving this market, it’s essential to get more context around these trends to ensure that you align with consumer’s behavior.

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Are you ready to build new business and maximize your fall photo day revenue?

May 09, 2018

It may be spring, but now is when you make some the most important decisions for your business. Whether you are pitching to schools or sports leagues, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and deliver greater value to each organization and parent.

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CaptureLife® Announces Exciting New Digital Features at Imaging USA and SPAC 2018

Feb 06, 2018

CaptureLife Inc., provider of the CaptureLife digital fulfillment and mobile commerce platform for imaging professionals, has unveiled all new digital features that give professional photography businesses dynamic new ways to grow revenue leveraging their digital imagery.

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CaptureLife Named a Best New Product of 2017

Dec 31, 2017

What a way to end the year!

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