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Hanging Pixels Podcast – Episode 17 - Appetite for Self-Destruction: "The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age"

Hear it from the man who wrote the book! The record industry made boatloads of money off of digital compact discs. But in the early 2000's, as access to the internet became widespread, a software program written by a teenager brought the industry to its knees.

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Hanging Pixels Podcast – Episode 10 - The Accelerating Rate of Change in the Photo Industry

In the same week that Alpine Software Group added PhotoLynx to a portfolio that already included ImageQuix, Apollo Global announced the purchase of Shutterfly, Lifetouch and Snapfish.

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Hanging Pixel Podcast - Episode 4 Featuring Gary Pageau

If you weren’t at Imaging USA or SPAC 2019, and even if you were, you’ll want to listen to this week’s Hanging Pixels Podcast. Host TW Woodward and special guest and photo industry veteran Gary Pageau recorded their impressions of the conferences on location at SPAC.

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Hanging Pixel Podcast - Episode 3 Featuring Mark Schoenrock

Mark Shoenrock joins Hanging Pixels host TW Woodward for a deeper discussion of the decisions and business practices that lead up to Shutterfly's acquisition of the school photo colossus, Lifetouch.

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Hanging Pixel Podcast - Episode 2 with Haim Ariav

Millennials are the driving force behind one of the newest and fastest growing sectors in United States.  More and more, consumers are preferring to pay money for exceptional experiences over material goods. Forbes called it the “Do It for Me Economy,” and it is more formally known as the experience-based economy.

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Hanging Pixel Podcast - Disruption in the Music Industry (and why photographers should take note)

We’re pleased to share the first in a periodic series of podcasts exploring the rapidly evolving world of digital photography – Hanging Pixels.  

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