Chukka Caribbean Adventures Joins Forces with Capturelife to Modernize Vacation Memories

Chukka’s sunny island tagline – It’s Time to Play! – says it all. With Capturelife, they open a powerful way to tap into the mobile guest experience after images have been delivered.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures is the premiere adventure provider in Jamaica, Belize and Turks & Caicos, offering the widest variety of tours available across these island jewels. Recognized as the World’s Best Adventure Tour Operator in 2018 by the World Travel Awards, they pride themselves on curating and delivering outstanding one-of-a-kind adventures their guests will never forget. From ziplines through the jungle to horseback rides on beautiful trails and in the aquamarine ocean, ATV trips through the back country, and tubing through untouched jungle terrain – Chukka offers cruise and hotel vacation guests the experience of a lifetime in lush and beautiful Caribbean island surroundings.

Guest memories of these stunning adventures have always factored into Chukka’s business model. Professional photographers at the tour site capture once-in-a-lifetime images of family and friends taking in all that the islands have to offer. In the past, these photos were made available to adventure guests on CDs or as prints at kiosks at the tour site, but Chukka recognized that this experience left something to be desired. Not only was the process of burning CDs time-consuming and labor intensive, it was one more thing for guests to pack and carry, and a hassle if they were lost or damaged after leaving the tour site.  

The Capturelife team introduced Chukka to a smart new way to engage with their customers by delivering amazing images directly to their smartphones. Chukka was intrigued.

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“At Chukka, we pride ourselves on delivering unique adventure experiences for our guests. Capturelife enhances those experiences by allowing guests to engage with memories from their adventure in new and exciting ways,” explained Gregory Dehaney, MIS Manager at Chukka Adventures. “Capturelife gave us a new approach for our photography operations that meets customer demands for their digital images and delivers a better customer experience.”

When Chukka implemented Capturelife at two of their top locations, they immediately saw how delivering images to guests’s smartphones in the Capturelife app improved satisfaction and streamlined photography operations. Not only was it faster and more gratifying for guests, it greatly reduced the support headache of burning CDs. Now the team at Chukka is busy rolling Capturelife to their other locations around the island.

Beyond eliminating CDs, Chukka was looking to the future as well. Because Capturelife is a powerful mobile marketing platform, they see new opportunities to harness a 1:1 relationship with guests through targeted marketing, triggered notifications, and pre- and post-vacation promotions.

Chukka“We want to make the island vacation as memorable as possible for our guests, whether they’re coming from a cruise or a resort hotel,” said Dehaney. “Enticing them to explore more of the island is a big part of our value proposition and why guests truly love our tours.”

With Capturelife, Chukka will be able to trigger notifications for additional tours while a guest is on the island. They’ll also be able to stay connected with them post-tour to offer unique photo-based purchases or promotions for future adventures. Chukka saw that building that 1:1 mobile connection was an avenue to expand their relationship with their valued guests and a new way to grow additional revenue.

“With Capturelife, our guests benefit by having more immediate access to their vacation images right on their smartphone where they can share with family and friends,” Gregory explained. “For Chukka, this new customer experience leverages the emotional power of memories to maintain that connection – tapping into Capturelife’s mobile marketing toolset so we can engage with guests in an ongoing and meaningful way.”

“We are extremely proud of our new partnership with Chukka," said Scott DeFusco, Co-Founder of Capturelife. "Not only is this a modern and more satisfying memory journey for their guests, but it’s solving some real operational issues with out-moded media. We’re excited to see Chukka and more clients like them embrace the real opportunities presented in the digital experience economy.”

“As more vacation, cruise, destination and adventure businesses discover the power of this modern customer centric experience, the benefits only grow,” Scott continued. “With Capturelife as the centralized memory application, vacation guests can go from cruise ship to island adventures and destinations and have one seamless customer experience that organizes and stores their treasured images. This introduces remarkable new synergies and promotional opportunities between these brands and operators with one platform to aggregate all these memories.”  

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