Capturelife implements new privacy standards to support global expansion and protect consumer data rights.

Robust protections deliver an additional layer of comfort to the Capturelife privacy measures already in place.

Consumer privacy protection and data rights are important issues in our supercharged social and digital age, and they’re something that we take very seriously at Capturelife. While our platform and each individual client and consumer account is protected, and their information is accessible to them today ­– we’ve taken additional steps to comply with the EU’s widely cited General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR.)

Not only does GDPR compliance give consumers access and control over their account, data and images, it assures our growing client base of international clients and prospects that their relationship with Capturelife meets this important international standard. Our new GDPR standards also mean that Capturelife clients and prospects doing business in California can also be assured that when they use Capturelife as their digital platform, we are in compliance with the recently enacted California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA.)

Steps we take to protect consumers and their right to data.

GDPR requires that language surrounding terms of consent and privacy are clear and understandable to consumers and that consent can be easily given and withdrawn at any time. To that end, we’ve implemented the following on both our website and in the Capturelife consumer app:

  • Our Privacy Policy is written with clear, straightforward language explicitly stating how consumers personal information, their email address, phone number and images, are used. The Privacy Policy is separated from our Terms of Use and we’ve added additional information focused specifically on GDPR Compliance.
  • Consumers have easy access to change the personal information associated with their account, request the collection of all their personal data and images, erase all their personal data from Capturelife and delete their account. They can also request a list of personal information we store.
  • The same clear language on our use of data is in place when consumers download and opt-in to use the Capturelife consumer app and our service.

Being GDPR compliant also means that we have put in place additional internal policies and processes to ensure the proper oversight, and that our practices comply with these standards.

Peace of mind for photography businesses and their consumers.
Capturelife now provides these additional consumer protections and automatically makes the information we use to deliver and store consumer images easily available to them. Taking these steps means that robust protections are in place, consumers are in control of their data, and our customers don’t have to worry about tackling this issue on their own.

Rob Mauldin GDPR

“Understanding and complying with GDPR, and now CCPA, can be a headache for any photography business. Even the biggest in the industry struggle,” Rob Mauldin, chief experience officer at Capturelife explained. “Any time you’re responsible for protecting sensitive data and imagery you want to make certain your clients have peace of mind. Knowing that Capturelife has that covered is a very positive step to addressing this issue for photography businesses of all kinds around the world.”

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