Hanging Pixel Podcast - Episode 2 with Haim Ariav

Millennials are the driving force behind one of the newest and fastest growing sectors in United States.  More and more, consumers are preferring to pay money for exceptional experiences over material goods. Forbes called it the “Do It for Me Economy,” and it is more formally known as the experience-based economy.
In episode 2 of the Hanging Pixels Podcast, guest Haim Ariav of Glossy Finish and host TW Woodward dive into a real-world example of how a photography business fits into the experience economy where the customer is king. 

Listen to Episode 2

Learn more about:

  • How the experience economy is directly related to the photo industry
  • Why smartphones can help unlock a more meaningful relationship with consumers’ memories

Hanging Pixels is a podcast for professional photographers, focusing on the rapidly evolving world of digital photography. Host TW and his guests provide a unique understanding and perspective on adapting photography operations to meet the technology, business, social, and consumer trends that impact the industry. 

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