Makaila Nichols is sending your photos to the moon to stop bullying - Dead Pixel Society Podcast

Best selling author and founder of the Blatantly Honest Foundation discusses her out-of-this-world campaign to combat bullying

Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talks with Makaila Nichols, author and founder of the Blatantly Honest Foundation. At 18, Nichols wrote "Blatantly Honest," a best-selling book about her battle with body issues, bullying and sexual assault. From there, she started the Blatantly Honest Foundation to "change the stigma behind bullying and other social issues by educating the public, encouraging students to share their stories and to become Blatantly Honest in their own lives."

In addition to educational resources and talks on bullying, body image, mental health and more, Blatantly Honest conceived the Moon Mission, a program to help today’s youth take part in mission planned for 2021 and send their image into space. Participants can choose personal or professional images and send them to the moon where no one can look down on them again. Capturelife is the technology partner; to send your pictures to the moon and help combat bullying, browse to

For information on becoming a Moon mission partner, go to


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