CaptureLife Introduces an Exclusive Program to Help Volume Photographers Capture Lost Revenue

The new Non-Buyer program helps photography businesses drive up revenue and volume photography participation rates with a unique mobile workflow.

Every year, it’s a problem. Volume photographers, especially those focused on school portraits, find that a growing percentage of consumers elect not to participate in a pre-paid model. In talking about this issue with volume photographers, we saw the real frustration as well as the real revenue impact that this lost revenue had on their businesses. And because CaptureLife purpose is to put our photographers’ business at the center of consumers most important memories – our team decided to do something to address the problem.

The CaptureLife non-buyer program

At the end of the summer, we introduced the CaptureLife non-buyer marketing program – an easy way to engage with consumers that don’t buy, even though their child’s photo was taken.

This program allows the photographer to reach out to those parents who haven’t purchased with a ‘last chance’ offer that’s typically priced higher than the pre-paid package. The offer with their child’s watermarked image is delivered directly to their smartphone via CaptureLife. The program gives parents a chance to see their child’s image right in the palm of their hands and purchase either a digital image, printed photo, or a combination of digital image and print products, all with the tap of a finger. 

Because parents and their kids live on their mobile phone, a non-buyer marketing and delivery program that leverages the smartphone as a vehicle for the offer, has proven to have a five-times higher probability of engaging the consumer and inducing them to purchase. It beats a traditional print or web-based re-marketing effort because of the immediacy of the delivery and a simple one-tap purchase experience – helping the volume photographer maximize the real labor and cost outlay of picture day. And for photography businesses set up on CaptureLife’s premium digital delivery package, there are no upfront costs to run a non-buyer program.

Recapturing relationships and lost revenue

Photographers who have tried the CaptureLife non-buyer program are seeing real success.

One active CaptureLife client was tired of all the missed opportunities and wanted to get disinterested customers engaged and active again. Working with Zach Hahnen, one of CaptureLife’s energetic sales consultants, they decided that if the CaptureLife non-buyer program could help them get customers to purchase anything, it was found money. After 3 months into the program, the results have been fantastic, with 8% of non-buyers purchasing one or more digital images. Factor that over hundreds or thousands of inactive buyers, and that’s a rich new source of income with very little effort. What’s more, it created a channel for ongoing connection to the customer when none existed previously, opening future revenue opportunities from these new buyers as well.

Chris WunderPortraitEFX, one of the fastest growing volume photography franchises in North America, is another CaptureLife customer who is embracing this program as a way to activate the non-buyer. Partnering with CaptureLife since early this year, Chris Wunder and Mitchell Moore, PortraitEFX Executives, worked closely with TW Woodward, CaptureLife customer success manager and resident photography operations guru. Together, they crafted a non-buyer package to address the needs of their franchisees and to create the best income generating opportunity.

"We’re very excited about this program,” Chris Wunder, CEO of PortraitEFX stated. “It gives everyone involved a way to capture additional revenue where there was none before, and to do it in a way that has the opportunity to create future revenue streams."

Working to create new success for our customers

At CaptureLife, we’re working hard to help our customers build their business in new ways in a digital age. With digital delivery, new digital products and programs to activate both current and non-buyers – we’re giving forward-thinking photographers more ways to entice and delight their customers. We hope you’ll join our growing network of customers and put your business at the center of your customers’ most important moments.