Capturelife and Miller’s Put Fans in the Stands for Mizzou’s Homecoming

What’s college game day without some school spirit? Certainly the pandemic has put a damper on large gatherings of boisterous fans, for good reason. But where there’s a will there’s a way to demonstrate pride and solidarity for your team.

That’s the premise behind the Fans in the Stands trend. From pro sports to the MLB playoffs and college teams, fans are getting their printed portraits placed in the stands to show they’re behind their team.

Making Fans in the Stands happen.

Miller’s Professional Imaging is in the thick of putting Fans in the Stands. They’re the lab partner for the St. Louis Cardinals, producing the large cutouts that help put fans and season ticket holders in the stands for their games. And when Miller’s was contacted by the athletics department at the University of Missouri a few weeks ago about the Homecoming game on October 17, they knew exactly how to meet the challenge.

Unlike the MLB (who had a site dedicated for each and every team) and due to the short timeframe, Mizzou didn’t have the time or resources to create a site that would seamlessly allow their fans to purchase and upload their photos for production. So Luke Daffron, Miller’s CTO, turned to Capturelife.

“Capturelife was the obvious technology platform to help us handle the frontend order and upload process, seamlessly housing all those images in our Capturelife account for us to access and process.”

As colleges and universities across the country are faced with a reshaped education experience – whether on campus or distanced – the need to keep students, alumni, fans and boosters connected to their school is more important than ever. University of Missouri and its athletics department wanted to keep excitement and revenues strong and engagement with their fans front and center. With Miller’s and Capturelife, they found a perfect partnership to make it happen.

Quick and easy implementation means low effort for Miller’s and Mizzou.

Mizzou iPhoneBecause Capturelife has a built-in workflow and a consumer ecommerce experience to handle unique events such as these, it was incredibly easy and fast to implement. In a matter of days, Mizzou had a site to direct their fans to and there was no additional technology integration for Miller’s – a longstanding lab partner and Capturelife customer. Here’s how it works:

  • Working with Mizzou Tigers’ branding, Capturelife quickly customized the consumer ecommerce experience and created a unique URL for this Mizzou promotion.

  • At the site, fans can choose the location and number of cutouts they wish to put in the stands, upload and position their photos within the cutout frame and checkout. 

  • All images are immediately available in the Mizzou Homecoming job within Miller’s Capturelife account – ready for Miller’s to produce and deliver to Faurot Field for Mizzou stadium operations to place in the stands.

Mizzou Athletics is promoting this unique opportunity with an email campaign to 140,000 fans, students, alumni and season ticket holders and to over 100,000 followers of Mizzou Football and Mizzou Athletics on social media. 

“Miller’s is one of our very first and largest professional lab partners, and they’ve always been creative in leveraging new ideas and technology to keep their business current,” Scott DeFusco, CEO of Capturelife said. “Our ongoing relationship with them has made the flexibility and power of the Capturelife platform central to their business – and we are absolutely delighted to partner with them on this exciting Mizzou program.”

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