Michael Christman, Former Lifetouch Executive and Industry Leader in Volume Photography, Joins the CaptureLife Team

CaptureLife is pleased to announce that Michael Christman, a leader in the professional photography industry, is now partnering with CaptureLife as a strategic consultant and advisor to the volume photography segment.

Michael brings over four decades of experience and passion for professional photography to the CaptureLife team and its prospective customers, particularly with school portraits and youth sports. Michael’s infectious energy and enthusiasm, along with his deep expertise from years in the industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to both the market and the expanding CaptureLife team.

Michael has direct experience with the changing appetites and desires of today’s mobile-savvy consumer. When he discovered CaptureLife, like many other industry leaders, he enthusiastically embraced the platform and its potential – so much so that he made a personal investment in the business.

“There has been a profound shift in consumer expectations over the last few decades, and it’s time to finally listen to their demands that their child’s school and sports photos get delivered directly to their smartphone,” explained Michael. “This is a pivotal moment for our industry. If we don’t change to meet consumer demands for digital images and find new ways to entice them with our offerings – as an industry, we’ll simply wither and die.”

"I’ve spent my entire life in this business and the relationship between the professional photographer and the consumer has never been anything other than a dead-end relationship. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about CaptureLife,” Michael continued.

 “CaptureLife tears down those barriers of entry to the digital world, delivering an entirely new paradigm and business model for those willing to change and grow. It helps us evolve that relationship with the consumer to an ongoing opportunity for connection. And it will help us seize new ways to push our industry and our businesses forward by focusing on the lifetime value of those connections and introducing exciting digital products.”

In his role, Michael will work with the CaptureLife team to capture and document the solid business and revenue potential of digital delivery and mobile commerce for the volume photography segment. Michael will also bring his expertise to prospective customers, coaching them on making this next critical digital transition and advising them on how they can maximize a new, more connected relationship with their consumer.

JeffEckerle HeadShot copy 2“We’ve been talking with Michael about the CaptureLife opportunity, and like other Lifetouch alumni, we were delighted about his absolute grasp of the issues facing the industry as well as his enthusiasm for our platform,” Jeff Eckerle, CaptureLife co-founder said. “We’re excited to have him working with us and helping us introduce CaptureLife to more prospective photography businesses. It’s gratifying to work with like-minded people and seasoned industry experts who believe that the photography industry doesn’t have to be flat or in decline – but rather see this time as an opportunity to thrive with a mobile and digitally energized experience.”