LDS Photography Earns Easy Money with Capturelife

Using Capturelife, LDS Photography increases revenue $100,000 in seven months.

Many customers tell us they are using Capturelife to be more competitive with Lifetouch or to modernize and compete with their local or regional competitors. Others are looking to offset the decline in consumer participation and to better position their business for the mobile millennial. At the heart of all this, what they are really saying is they want to continue to make money like they have been, but more importantly, make even more of it!

To help illustrate what the income opportunities associated with Capturelife are, we’ll be showcasing current users and discussing the impact Capturelife has had on their bottom line. This week we’re highlighting LDS Photography, a school and sports photographer doing business in Indiana. 

Using Capturelife, LDS Photography increases revenue $100,000 in seven months

LDS-1Jim Alsup and his wife April run LDS Photography, one of the more innovative companies Capturelife works with. They’re also one of the largest family-owned volume photography businesses in southern Indiana specializing in youth sports and school portraits. As a forward-looking volume photography business, Jim and April sought out Capturelife at ImagingUSA back in early-2018. LDS owns their own lab and uses Photolynx and other software to manage their back-office processes, and they wanted to learn what was required to integrate Capturelife into their existing workflow.

Jim and April were seeking technology that would help them respond to the desires of today’s mobile phone-addicted parents and give them a competitive edge in their market. More importantly, they were looking for another way to make some easy money for their business. Or as Jim likes to say, “I wanted to find a new offering that would allow me to buy another Porsche.”

After a workflow test, LDS launched their use of Capturelife in the fall of 2018 and they were aggressive with Capturelife. For school portraits, they increased the value of three out of five of their packages and included a digital image in each of those packages. In addition, they created a new all-digital product. This new offering included five different digital portraits, each with a different background. And to appeal to those parents that wanted immediate gratification, they delivered the five digital images within 24-hours to the parent's mobile phone. The outcome of this simple but systematic inclusion of Capturelife into their workflow over the last seven months earned LDS an additional and easy $100,000.

LDS $100K Graphic


Digital Product Creates Big Awareness
It was the new school all-digital package with next day delivery that got parents talking about LDS’ new digital service. It turns out that this innovative digital product overwhelmed schools with calls from parents who weren’t getting their digital image as quickly as those that ordered the 24-hour turnaround package! This meant that their exclusive digital package was getting shared and shown around schools creating a buzz among the students and other parents. It created word-of-mouth marketing that was unexpected and hard to buy!

LDS (1)Jim’s reaction was priceless.

“When was the last time you heard of anyone in a school complaining about not getting something related to school images?” he said. “This is proof that fast delivery and digital images are pent-up demand with our customers.”


Expanding the Digital Product Offering to Make Even More Money

Jim’s philosophy? “If I can make even more money, why hold back?”

And, LDS is not holding back. This fall, they are continuing to evolve their digital offering by adding other digital products to their packages to further their competitive edge, keep their parents engaged, and to make even more money.

This season, LDS is adding a digital image bundle to their sports packages. A digital bundle is three or more different poses that get delivered with the purchase of a print package. LDS is ramping up their competitive position in the market by offering this new type of memory experience. Even better, they’re expanding their opportunity to make more money based on their Capturelife mobile and digital service.

Jim LDS Quote

“We are servicing the existing demand for digital but more importantly creating demand for our next generation of digital products,” he continued. “In this mobile phone obsessed world we are moving quickly to add our next generation digital products, while many people have not even moved into the digital arena.”