CaptureLife Announces Integration with Kodak Alaris’ Industry-Leading DP2 Software

The new partnership and integration with Kodak Professional Digital Print Production Software/DP2 expands opportunities for professional photography labs and photographers to enhance their operations and efficiently grow revenue with their digital content.

CaptureLife Inc., the industry standard solution for enterprise mobile marketing and commerce for the professional photography market, and the developer of the CaptureLife consumer-based private photo-sharing app used by consumers worldwide, is announcing a significant new partnership with Kodak Alaris and integration with their industry-leading DP2 software.

The integration with DP2 means that efficient, pain-free delivery of color-corrected digital images directly to consumers’ smartphones is now automated with the same market recognized solution trusted by leading professional labs across the U.S. and Canada.

GuySmithGuy Smith, Product Manager, Kodak Alaris Paper, Photochemical and Film Division explained “This integration will make it easy and automated for labs and photographers to deliver a combination of professional print output and digital content for today’s social and mobile savvy consumer."


“We have a long-standing relationDavidShelpship with the professional labs that photographers and consumers rely on to serve their client’s needs for high-quality products and services,” said David Shelp, Director of Business Development, Global Marketing and Social Media of Kodak Alaris Paper, Photochemical and Film Division. “This is one more example of our commitment to strengthen professional photography’s stature and help all players remain competitive and thrive.”

DP2 is considered the digital backbone and nerve center of professional lab operations, ensuring smooth interactions, management, and peak performance at every workflow stage – from scanning and image file importing, through manipulation, printing, storage. The next release, DP2 v21.2 planned for February 2019, will include the CaptureLife integration, satisfying pro photographers and labs desires for efficient digital fulfillment through the DP2 software platform and fidelity between the print products and digital images they deliver to consumers.

technicare-1Mark Rozeboom, Digital Production Manager at Technicare Imaging stated "From a lab perspective, the CaptureLife and Kodak DP2 integration means heightened workflow efficiency.  The closer CaptureLife deliveries are tied to DP2, the more automated the process becomes.  For photographers, this partnership also unlocks lab services prior to deliveries being placed.  This is a win-win for everyone."

"This partnership with Kodak Alaris and the DP2 integration puts access to CaptureLife mobile marketing, fulfillment and commerce directly within the lab’s nerve center,” said Scott DeFusco, CEO of CaptureLife. “We are extremely proud of our burgeoning partnership with Kodak Alaris, and of the opportunities this presents for the entire photography industry.”