Hanging Pixel Podcast - Episode 4 Featuring Gary Pageau

If you weren’t at Imaging USA or SPAC 2019, and even if you were, you’ll want to listen to this week’s Hanging Pixels Podcast. Host TW Woodward and special guest and photo industry veteran Gary Pageau recorded their impressions of the conferences on location at SPAC.

They review the trends and topics emerging from these first shows of the year and discuss emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and what it takes to operate successfully in a changed industry.

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Hanging Pixels is a podcast for professional photographers, focusing on the rapidly evolving world of digital photography, providing a unique understanding and perspective on adapting photography operations to meet the technology, business, social and consumer trends that impact the industry. Guest Gary Pageau is a veteran photo-industry marketing-communications and publishing executive, is principal of InfoCircle LLC, a content-marketing company serving local and national clients. Prior to starting InfoCircle, he was Publisher, Content Development and Strategic Initiatives, of PMA — The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations.

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