Jack Esser joins the Capturelife team with a focus on opening new experience economy markets

We’re thrilled to formally introduce you to Jack Esser. Jack joins our growing Capturelife team as SVP of Business Development for the Sports and Entertainment markets. He brings his considerable sales, management and team-building skills to serving and expanding new markets for the Capturelife platform. 

As we continue to focus on our long-range business vision and introduce Capturelife as a digital content and marketing solution to new markets – businesses and brands serving the experience economy have been embracing our message. Jack’s experience as a dynamic sales and team leader, and his unwavering focus on strategic partnerships and customer success helps Capturelife grow in new directions, delivering great value to leading brands and organizations we are serving.


JackEsser“Capturelife was immediately intriguing to me,” explained Jack. “Experience brands, like sports teams, concerts, cruises, excursions, events and more, are all looking for ways to create more resonant and lasting connections with their fans and guests. With Capturelife, we can unleash that opportunity and turn it into a real business and revenue advantage for them.”



Jack brings keen insight and a diverse sector and channel background to our business. He honed his sales and leadership skills and enjoyed great success early in his career at Procter & Gamble and Altria. Jack also served in many advancing  leadership roles during meteoric growth at Activision-Blizzard, the interactive entertainment business that became a $5 billion-dollar powerhouse. There he was involved in successive launches and growth of industry leading gaming software including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Sylanders and Overwatch. 

“What impressed us about Jack is his creativity in approaching new markets and customer opportunities. He has the ability to create action for new ideas and customer solutions,” said Jeff Eckerle, Capturelife CBO. “Jack is as real as they come and truly committed to creating win-win partnerships for clients. We’re very excited to have him on our team.”

Welcome Jack!

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