An exclusive program from Capturelife and the largest and most innovative labs in North America.

As a valued lab client, Operation Easy Money is a program designed to help you tap into the industry’s most advanced digital service that will put your school photo program ahead of Lifetouch and help you generate new revenue. 


Without any impact to your contractual obligations, workflow or production processes, you can increase prices with the addition of packages that include a digital image.

      Here’s all you need to do:
03 Form-AB Strategy

Step 1 graphicMake simple adjustments to your order form. 

Step 2 graphicRun your business as you always have – take pictures and deliver them to your lab.

Step 3 graphic
Watch as your Easy Money rolls in. 



Earning Easy Money Savings Calculator

You can satisfy your traditional customer who wants print, while attracting today’s digital buyer with new packages that include an up-charge for the addition of that digital image.

You honor your current contractual obligations while giving yourself a digital insurance policy that helps you:

  • Increase your ability to earn easy money and compete in a highly competitive market
  • Address declining participation rates with an engaging mobile experience that grows in value year over year with each picture they receive from you
  • Protect your existing accounts from competitors with an expanded digital offering

No disruption, no headaches, no significant financial investment – just the opportunity to increase your fall revenue, safeguard and grow accounts, and position your business to better address the desires of today’s digital and mobile savvy consumer.

Operation Easy Money Toolkit

Here’s your exclusive access to a toolkit to get you started and on your way to earning easy money during your upcoming season! We’re excited you want to join with industry-leading labs and other volume photographers to increase your sales and delight your modern, mobile-savvy parents.

Step 1 graphic
Overview Video

This video provides guidance on how to integrate Capturelife into your packaging and pricing strategy, including how to easily change your forms to maximize revenue for the upcoming season.


Step 2 graphic
Order Form Templates

No Risk A/B Order Form
Fulfill your contractual obligations and add duplicate packages that include digital image delivery! Your customers want their images digitally, and this A/B format satisfies your current agreements while allowing you Increase prices on your digital packages. Proven to lift sales and satisfy today’s digital savvy parent.



The Threshold Order Form
Use this form to promote digital delivery when a parent reaches a price threshold with their purchase. Prominently feature digital delivery and ensure that most of your packages meet that threshold.



Digital in Every Package Order Form
You’re ready to propel your business forward and to cement an ongoing relationship with parents. Use this order form to include digital image delivery in every package and increase your package prices. You’ll wow parents with a modern experience and keep your accounts secure.

















Step 3 graphic


 Marketing Kit

Graphics for your Order Forms and More. Use these logos and graphics on your order forms, in your own videos and flyers to promote the benefits of Capturelife digital image delivery.



 Eassy Money Step 4
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