Capturelife joins ASG to fuel digital transformation of photography in experience economy

We are excited to announce that Capturelife has been acquired by Alpine software Group (ASG).  We wanted to share this positive news with you first as you’ve made this journey and exciting next chapter possible.

The Journey

When Jeff Eckerle and I founded Capturelife five years ago, we were focused on solving a problem our families were encountering.  As we enjoyed various experiences, such as vacations, theme park visits, attractions, amateur and professional sports, and live events, we realized how incredibly valuable the captured memories from those experiences are to us and our network of family and friends.  The problem is that companies that create those experiences are treating memories as printed photo souvenirs instead of strategic assets that create a powerful connection between brands and consumers.  Thus, Capturelife was born.

The Experience Economy Revolution

Over the past few years, there has been a tectonic shift in the economy, with 4x more spending being devoted to experiences rather than physical products. Capturelife is at the center of this trend as experience creating brands, such as cruise lines, resorts, theme parks, and live event companies, understand the power that memories have in triggering future consumer purchases. Companies use Capturelife to deliver a modern and immersive experience that leverages digital memories to create a powerful ongoing connection between companies and customers that drives greater brand loyalty and revenue. 

Accelerating the Future

While we are very proud of what our team has accomplished, we recognize the expansive opportunity that the experience economy represents.The COVID pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation plans for many companies, creating an urgent demand for the Capturelife platform. For this reason, we needed to find the right company that believed in our vision and team and could help Capturelife reach its full potential. 

We are both humbled and excited that we found a home with ASG. As part of ASG, Capturelife will join a robust group of photography technology businesses, including ImageQuix and Photolynx.  These market-leaders in high-volume enterprise solutions provide us with added depth and resources that will help accelerate our vision and create more value for our experience economy customers.  With a strong company culture and respected and proven track record, they will ensure we are well positioned for the rapid growth we see on the horizon.

A Sincere Thank You

We are at this exciting inflection point because our talented team and investors who believed in our vision and worked tirelessly to help us get to this exciting next step in the journey.  We are sincerely grateful for your support and passion and are excited that the core team will be a part of the future.

We also want to thank our customers.  We wouldn’t be here without you.  You recognized the value of Capturelife and more importantly, entrusted us with brokering a deeper relationship with your customers.

And finally, we want to thank ASG.  Thanks for believing in us, welcoming the team into your incredible group of companies, and providing the opportunity for Capturelife to reach the next level. We couldn’t be more excited!


Scott DeFusco & Jeff Eckerle, Founders,
and the entire Capturelife team.


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