Glossy Finish Leverages New CaptureLife Video Stories to Transform and Grow Business

Glossy Finish began their partnership with CaptureLife last year with the express intent to grow its sports action photography business with digital images and mobile delivery. Specializing in on-site delivery of high-quality posters and prints with their Mobile Photo Labs and Photo stores at premier youth sports events, they took note of parents increased social sharing and their requests for the high-resolution digital images of their athletes.

This past week, they put an entirely new spin on digital delivery with a new product: CaptureLife® Video Stories.

A leader in youth sports photography

Glossy Finish boasts a prestigious list of clientele for its action sports photography services, including American Youth Football National Championships, Cal Ripken World Series, Offense-Defense Bowl Week, Babe Ruth League World Series, and the USA Football International Bowl.

The company is also the official photography partner of The Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach, SC, and Pigeon Forge, TN. Last week, their team was all over Ripken’s weeklong youth baseball event in Pigeon Forge – making memories for athletes and parents alike.

During tournament play, parents sign up to have Glossy Finish capture shots of their athlete in action. They then go to the Glossy Finish retail area at the facility to select their favorite shots and pick up their purchased print products. CaptureLife digital delivery is now part of Glossy Finish’ ongoing offering. New this year? Video Stories of athletes was an exciting and entirely new product offered to parents.

How CaptureLife Video Stories works

Before the tournament, Glossy Finish used the features of CaptureLife Video Stories to create their own unique template and storyboard sequence for The Ripken Experience event. Selecting both theme and music for their template from over 40 offered in Video Stories, they used the storyboard creator to assign the opening and closing frames utilizing a combination of venue photography and video. Interspersed in the storyboard are open frames that are automatically populated with selected images of the youth athlete in action.

CaptureLife Video Storyboard


CaptureLife Video Story Template Storyboard


The templated storyboard sequence is called through the CaptureLife API, and a high definition video is automatically generated applying the theme, soundtrack, and artificial intelligence for the effects. That fully rendered video is then automatically delivered to the parent's phone right at the event – letting them share the excitement with family and friends, as well as post on social media.

So, how did it work for Glossy Finish?

Glossy Finish is known in the industry for being on the forefront and innovating to build value and innovation into the service and products they offer. And, they understand that their customers are active on social media and proudly share images of their youth athlete.

Leaders Haim Ariav and Matt Winer are leveraging CaptureLife to transform their business – to drive more social sharing and the purchase of both their high-quality print and digital content. Not only is this a way to remain competitive in the market and keep their youth sports partners loyal, it also satisfies and excites parents.

“These events attract top youth talent,” Matt Winer, Glossy Finish CTO explained. “Our goal has always been to do something special for athletes and parents. This new video story product was part of an effort to create some new buzz and excitement. And it did just that.”

“It was fun to see those digital images and videos delivered to parents - to see the joy and delight on their faces and watch them share with others,” Matt continued. “And having the video actually converted parents from a Poster and Digital Photo Package to our Ultimate Package which includes the poster, digital photos, video and a custom glass frame. That’s an uptick of $80.00 using video as the tipping point.”

Happy and proud parents. Satisfied partners. New business opportunities. Now that’s the way to drive big league results for your business!