Are you ready to build new business and maximize your fall photo day revenue?

It may be spring, but now is when you make some the most important decisions for your business. Whether you are pitching to schools or sports leagues, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and deliver greater value to each organization and parent.

So, are you prepared to grow?

At CaptureLife, we want to help you rethink how you go to market and give you a new way to win with schools, sports leagues and parents alike. With digital content delivery you can embrace a modern mobile journey and provide a friction-free experience for organizations and parents. And it all starts with thinking about the packages you offer and your order forms.

Let’s get started!

Your craft is in the memories you create on each and every photo day. But we’ve all seen what’s happening – mom and dad are glued to their smartphone and today’s millennial parent is even more insistent on having their child’s photo right in the palm of their hand.

You can build the right value for your product and differentiate on experience, not on price, by thinking through how you bundle digital with your print packages. And when you add digital to each package and as a standalone, you’re offering something every parent will want. This video will show you how it’s done, and why it can mean dividends for your business.

When you deliver a modern mobile experience, you not only delight and stay engaged with parents, you can help your business profit.

  • You can save money by replacing more expensive CDs, USBs and even conventional web downloads with more affordable mobile digital image delivery – right to parents’ smartphones.
  • You can increase revenue by turning one customer into many with social sharing. Parents can invite family and friends to join and view images, and new purchases can be made with a tap of a finger.
  • You can raise the value of your offerings by adding digital image delivery to each package. It’s what today’s parents want, and when you add it to every package, you can command a higher price.
  • And when you’re talking to schools and sports leagues, you can differentiate on a digital experience that consumers expect and is easy for the organization – not on price – setting yourself apart from other photography services.
Change the game and grow your business.

At CaptureLife, we’re here to help you evolve your business to keep step with what today’s consumers want. When you deliver memories to parents’ smartphone, you’re creating a new kind of relationship – and one that lasts beyond photo day. You’ll create staying power and greater engagement for those memories as parents, family and friends revisit them, and more opportunities for reorders and new purchases.

And isn’t that what you want? Satisfied customers and more value for your product. The time is now to up your game and your profits!