Group Photography Association (GPA) expands its partnership with CaptureLife

Minneapolis, MN – September 20, 2017 – CaptureLife Inc., provider of the CaptureLife Photo Sharing App for iPhones and Android Devices and the CaptureLife digital delivery, commerce and marketing platform for Imaging Professionals, has expanded its partnership with GPA, a leading youth sports photography lab. GPA is growing its digital delivery capabilities using CaptureLife, including the full integration of its print store within the CaptureLife app along with the ability to offer mobile marketing services that are helping the firm capture additional print orders on behalf of their network of photography-based businesses.

GPA and its photographers service one million youth sports photography print orders annually. They saw the opportunity to advance their relationship with CaptureLife and provide their own clients with a modern customer experience around the delivery and use of digital photography purchases. GPA realized that moving toward a modern customer journey revolving around a social mobile experience was essential. Driven by their desire to offer the latest innovative products to their photography clients to sell, CaptureLife quickly became the solution to help GPA create a social mobile commerce connection for their customers. With CaptureLife, GPA is now operating as a fulfiller of digital products, in addition to their core print product fulfillment capabilities.

"CaptureLife allows us to change the way we connect with our photographers and their customers. The technology makes it possible to deliver professional quality images right to the consumer's smartphone. We are now bundling delivery of the digital image to a smartphone, fulfilling today's parents desire to easily save and share, with traditional print products our photography business partners sell. The result is higher average order values for our photography customers and happier parents who buy from our clients," said Derek Tyler, General Manager of GPA. "The professional photography industry has been in a state of constant reinvention for a solid two decades driven by the introduction of digital imaging. We see CaptureLife helping us take the next step along this changing path.

"They have created the most powerful and advanced photo storage, sharing, and commerce platforms we have encountered, and a great enterprise software solution that we use to connect and deliver images when and where the customer demands. All of this in a way that makes us more money!"

Jeff Eckerle, COO of CaptureLife said, "We are thrilled to be working with a great organization like GPA and their fantastic network of photography businesses. The CaptureLife solution is allowing GPA photographers to quickly and easily deliver key photographic memories, messages, and merchandise directly to a consumer's smartphone without any effort, and in a way that delights the customer. Now that we've expanded our integration to include in-app re-ordering to GPA directly from the user, we've connected a consumer's smartphone directly to the photography business they purchased from in a way that's never been done before. This is why GPA's photographers are embracing the CaptureLife offering."

About CaptureLife
CaptureLife is the leading provider of enterprise mobile marketing and commerce solutions for professional photography businesses, as well as the developer of the CaptureLife consumer-based private photo-sharing app used by consumers worldwide. The company partners with leading photo labs, event-based photography businesses, and high volume professional photographers helping them leverage social, mobile and commerce technologies to create new revenue streams.

Group Photography Association (GPA)
GPA provides youth sports photographers with the very best, innovative sports photo products and lab services to help them succeed in a competitive market. GPA photo products feature exceptional color quality, hi-tech photographic imaging, and eye-catching graphics. By partnering with their clients, sharing new marketing strategies, as well as continually developing professional sales and marketing materials, leading edge sports photo products, and better services – GPA and its clients stay in the forefront of the youth sports photography industry.

GPA was founded in California in 1972 by John McLaughlin as a lab and a retail operation. The business grew steadily, and by 1983 over 100,000 player pictures were photographed and processed annually. Throughout its history, GPA has revolutionized the youth sports photography industry by introducing exciting new products. They were one of the first companies to offer a trading card for youth sports league players, and they pioneered the concept of the fully personalized, digitally produced trading card.

Today, over 1.5 million families are served by GPA photographers. GPA continues to develop exciting new products and services for youth sport photographers who are dedicated to building successful businesses.