Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue underscores the disconnect between industry practices and parents’ lives

With his signature gentle humor, Jimmy Kimmel hit on a sore point for all parents during his monologue on September 14. It’s picture day at school for his daughter, and he walks us through selecting the basic package on the order form.

You can watch the first few minutes of the monologue here.

Of course, he and his wife will treasure these photos when they arrive. But as Jimmy so aptly puts it when he thinks about the package, “…. and the jumbo wallet size – for the 3 people in the world that still carry photos in their wallet.”

Jimmy points out the big disconnect with current school photo experience – that no one keeps and shares photos from their wallet any longer. The wallet has been replaced by the smartphone, and today’s consumers take their smartphone with them everywhere. It’s where they talk, where they shop, where they capture memories, and how they share those memories with others.

So why run the risks of dissatisfied or lost customers? Professional labs and photographers that bundle digital with print actually increase their revenue, sell more product, stay connected with their customers and deliver the experience that they want.

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